Jaak Lutsoja Quintet feat. Kersti Ala-Murr

Jaak Lutsoja Quintet feat. Kersti Ala-Murr mixes tango, jazz and classical music into a savory blend. The concert will feature the passionate tangos and vocal works by renowned Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), improvised by Nordic musicians, reflecting multifaceted life in its complexity. At the concert the ensemble presents its album Adios Nonino that was released last summer. The sound of the music performed by Jaak Lutsoja Quintet is made truly special by the instruments used - accordion, bass clarinet, tablas, guitar and double bass, with an addition of classical soprano voice.

We've collected some of the tracks from Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla's colorful creations. Piazzolla's music is a perfect blend of argentine tango, jazz and classical, and out of the music we perform one can distinctively recognize all these elements in harmony. Characterized by a unique quintet sound exciting instruments in an unusual ensemble are matched. In contrast to the jazz musicians, a classical soprano also sings on the CD. JLQ

Jaak Lutsoja, often named as Estonian accordion guru, is also in lead of a trio and a quartet. In the repertoire of all of these groups both original music by Lutsoja as well as alterations of selected accordion music from the world are played. For a long time already he has cooperated with classical soprano Kersti Ala-Murr residing in Norway, who often performs together with the ensembles of Lutsoja, and also as a duo with him.

Jaak Lutsoja and his ensembles are warmly welcomed in Estonia as well as abroad. Most recently he performed in the Czech Republic, Belarus, France, and in many parts of Norway. This autumn, in addition to the Luxembourg concert the quintet will also perform in Paris and Marseille in France, as well as in Bucharest in Romania.

Organised by Association Luxembourg-Estonie (LES) in collaboration with the Brasserie Le Neumünster