Bal musette, swing et gypsy jazz sur les bords de l'Alzette

The Hop-sh-Bam Connection & Les Tzigales

EN : The Hop-Sh-Bam-Connection_This sextet plays the real swing from the period between the 20 ties and 50 ties. The biggest inspiration is the repertoire of the marvellous ballrooms of the thirties, as for example the savoy ballroom in New York. Hop - sh- bam plays tunes on which lindy hop dancers could go crazy. The band plays the beautiful standards of the swing -era, and also some tunes of the exciting bigband period, or even some tunes of the new Orleans repertoire, more Charleston inspired. As the bandleader, Marie - Anne, is a swingdancer herself, she knows how to put an inspiring and diverse setlist together ! She adapts to what s happening on the dancefloor ...

Marie - Anne Standaert : trumpet and vocals

Stijn Wauters : piano

Bas Gommeren : double bas

Toon Van Dionant : drums

Alec Lagrange: tenor and baritone sax

EN : Les Tzigales_Mixture of ´chansons´, standards from the swing, musette and Gypsy Jazz-era. Dressed in a warm and unique sound. The music is alternately swinging, melancholic, uplifting, cheerful. In short, fascinating as life itself!

Les Tzigales also bring their own compositions. These are usually from guitarist / singer Ramsy Irani. The sophisticated, varied instrumental and vocal repertoire in combination with the carefully balanced and tasteful arrangements make every concert fascinating.

Marie-Anne Standaert : trumpet

Ramsy Irani : solo guitar / vocals

Stijn Bettens : accordion

Sam Stuyck : vocals / rhythm guitar

Janos Bruneel : double bass

Organisation: neimënster