Marathon de courts métrages documentaires

CinEast 2014
7e Festival du film d'Europe centrale et orientale

FR/ Sélection de court-métrages documentaires récents en provenance d'Europe Centrale et Orientale.

EN/ A selection of latest short documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe.

Organisé par CinEast en partenariat avec Neimënster.

LEFT SIDE OF THE FACE / LEWA POLOWA TWARZY by Marcin Bortkiewicz (PL 2013, 13 min). Plot: Travelling the length and breadth of Poland, the photographer invites people to an impromptu photographic studio.
DOWN ON THE CORNER / KOD COSKA by Nikola Ilic & Corina Schwingruber (RS/CH 2013, 15 min). Plot: No work, no money, but a lot of humour and friendship. Everyday life in central Serbia and maybe soon all over Europe?
IT'S ONLY A DREAM / TO TYLKO MARZENIA by Jakub Michnikowski (PL 2014, 23 min). Plot: Jan lives on the outskirts of the city with his two dogs and a little mouse. He dreams of going to the seaside.
CENTRAL STATION SOFIA by Alberto Iordanov (BG/UK 2013, 13 min). Plot: Welcome to the surreal world of Central Station Sofia.
V.I.P. VIETNAMESE IMPORTANT PEOPLE by Lukas Kokes (CZ 2013, 26 min). Are they Czech, or still Vietnamese? Isn't the Czech Republic too small and boring for them?
FISH MAN / CZLOWIEK RYBA by Krzysztof Sienkiewicz & Hermanos de Chamuco (PL 2014, 8 min). Plot: A quest for a meaning of life and beauty in greenish-greyish emptiness of winter river.
MARIA by Claudiu Mitcu (RO 2013, 19 min). Plot: A poignant testimony about the final hours in the life of an old lady getting ready for the ultimate journey in the company of her family and friends.
JUST THE WAY IT IS. / BOT TAK... by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter (RU/HU 2013, 13 min). Plot: A journey through the frozen Siberian wasteland with a fragile yet strong Russian woman.
SURVEY ABOUT MEN / SONDA O MEZCZYZNACH by Mateusz Glowacki (PL 2014, 30 min). What do women want? This question has tormented men for a long time.