A Rainy Day

A documentary by Andrej Chertov

Against the background of quiet rain, talented Bulgarian jazz guitarist Ognian Videv recounts the story of his life. One of the key words in this poetic black-and-white documentary is Plovdiv, a name of a city imbued with a sense of its own history, in particular the Old Town. Among renowned Bohemians from the recent past such as Atanas Krastev, alias Nacho Culturata, Georgi Bozhilov 'Slona' ('Elephant'), Katia Paskaleva, Dimitar Kirov, Georgi Boiadjiev 'Boiadjana', as well as many other artists, musicians, poets, writers and actors, the name of Ognian Videv stands out. It is intrinsically linked to Plovdiv. Ognian speaks of his love for the guitar, and his memories evoke unforgettable moments from the past and present. Music makes us think about ourselves and the fleeting nature of life.

Organisation : Jail (Jazz in Luxembourg), Cineast / Collaboration : Neimënster / Soutien : Club Gaida

Rainy Day, Bulgaria, 2013 / Genre: documentary / Direction and screenplay: Andrej Chertov / Music: Milcho Leviev / Production: A.M. Studio - Andrej Chertov with the support of EA Bulgarian National Film Center / Duration: 78 min / Language: o.v. eng.st.