Nos coups de coeur


These Birds to the north

Big Bang Festival

EN: Sound installation of mechanical Birds. In the modular installation project 'These Birds are flying to the North' Serge Verstockt uses 100 caged mecanical birds and let them interact with the audience.

Normally, birds are flying to the South because here it gets to cold in wintertime. But these birds are special: they are flying to the cold North to sing their song in the snow.

The birds were integrated in a participative way in Hold Your Horses, the first Grand Opéra de Trash by Verstockt and ChampdAction that was premiered in 2013. The birds will now lead their own live in this installation project and other spin off projects. On unusual places you can meet these wonderful birds from the Far East.

neimënster & Zonzo Compagnie

Créé par: Serge Verstockt Produit par: ChampdAction