Ghalia Volt

Brussels to Mississippi

EN: Ghalia is a Blues, R&R singer/songwriter from Brussels. For the last seven years, she's been working as a solo artist, as well as bandleader of two home-grown acts: Ghalia & the Naphtalines, a high energy boogie, Rhythm'n'Blues band and her (all-original) project Voodoo Casino.
From 2013, she began busking her way around the big music cities of the USA, including Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Clarksdale & Nashville. Ghalia's American musical adventures culminated in New Orleans, where she impressed and befriended internationally established harmonica-act, Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys. The band's muscular sound went on to serve as the backdrop for her Ruf Records CD release, "Let The Demons Out".
Like any musician with the Blues under their fingernails, Ghalia always burned to make a record in Mississippi. This dream was achieved with her September 2019 release, "Mississippi Blend", fulfilling her vision of an album so raw it bleeds. It was recorded deep in the hill country, letting all the region's favourite sons add their thumbprint and catching the vibe that blew on the breeze.
Ghalia's will be accompanied by Dean Zucchero on bass, Lee Williams on drums and guitar legend Lightnin` Malcolm

Organisation: Jimmy Osborne / Collaboration: Brasserie Wenzel / Soutien: neimënster