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05.09.21 - Tu danses? Trio - Songs of Praise

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12.09.21 - Esinam

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24.10.21 - Marly Marques Quintet

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30.10.21 - De Läbbel presents: Martha Da'Ro

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03.11.21 - Flèche Love

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07.11.21 - South Quartet

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24.11.21 - Portico Quartet

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07.12.21 - Athletic Progression

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23.01.22 - Laurent PIERRE 5tet

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30.01.22 - The Minor Majors

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03.03.22 - Martin Kohlstedt

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25.06.22 - Siren's Call

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06.07.22 - Snow Patrol

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12.07.22 - Woodkid

Musiques (ordre chronologique)

  • Tu danses? Trio - Songs of Praise

    ConcertFR: Pour son quatrième album « Songs of Praise » le trio Tu danses ? composé de Jean-Marc Baccarini aux saxophones, de Philippe Canovas à la guitare et de Christian Mariotto à la batterie, rend hommage à la musique de John Colt... suite

  • Esinam

    ConcertEN: `The one woman band` sampling and looping all instruments to build her tracks. Solely carried away by her sound, she blends her soulful voice with traditional African percussions, adding some electronics combined with sensible melodies of... suite

  • Marly Marques Quintet

    ConcertFR: Née au Luxembourg, mais d'origine portugaise, Marly Marques a découvert sa passion pour le chant toute jeune. Le Luxembourg étant propice aux rencontres improbables, elle a rencontré en 2011 quatre musiciens de jazz confirmés et le courant est... suite

  • De Läbbel presents: Martha Da'Ro

    ConcertEN: Martha Da'ro is a genre-blending artist as she is both a singer and actress. After been graced with her first project Soul'Art, the multi-talented Brussels based artist takes matters into her own hands as Martha Da'ro - blending dreamy pop wit... suite

  • Flèche Love

    ConcertEN: Amina Cardelli, alias Flèche Love, is a singer-songwriter and producer from Switzerland with Algerian origins, singing in English and French. Her voice, angry, crystalline, and easily identifiable, shows all of her strengths and weaknesses. At... suite

  • South Quartet

    ConcertDE: Die 'Abbaye' und Ihr fantastisches Team, ist über die Jahre hinweg zu einem Lieblings-Auftrittsort des 'South Quartet' mit Ull Möck, Jan Dittmann , Matthias Daneck und Peer Baierlein geworden. Matthias Daneck ist seit einigen Jahren feste... suite

  • Portico Quartet

    ConcertEN: Mercury Prize-nominated Portico Quartet has always been an impossible band to pin down. Sending out echoes of jazz, electronica, ambient music and minimalism, the group created their own singular, cinematic sound over the course of three studi... suite

  • Athletic Progression

    ConcertEN: Jonas Cook (keyboard), Jonathan J. Ludvigsen (drums) and Justo Gambula (bass) - is one of the most praised and hyped, new Danish jazz bands in recent years. Hailing from Aarhus, the country's second biggest city, the three young Danes are... suite

  • Laurent PIERRE 5tet

    ConcertDe retour à neimënster après une autre année turbulente, mais pleine de créativité, le quintette de jazz sera fier de vous présenter ses compositions originales enregistrées sur son 1er CD  dont la sortie est prévue en novembre 2021. suite

  • The Minor Majors

    ConcertFR: Le Quintette, The Minor MAJORS se compose de musiciens amoureux du jazz et du blues qui sont à la recherche des sons du Hart Bop des années 50, en y ajoutant une note contemporaine. Les compositions de ce Quintette séduisent par leur vision mu... suite

  • Martin Kohlstedt

    ConcertEN: Martin Kohlstedt lives and works in Weimar. His previous albums TAG, NACHT, STROM and STRÖME and their respective Reworks received international acclaim and brought the composer and pianist on concert tours all over the globe. Kohlstedt descri... suite

  • Siren's Call

    ConcertEN: Truth be told: we could have written a quite sad and emotional speech about how we truly hoped to make this edition happen in June 2021. About how hard we worked, how disappointed we are and how deeply this decision affected each and all of us... suite

  • Snow Patrol

    ConcertEN: Over a two-decade career, Snow Patrol has carved out a unique place for themselves. Since their 1998 debut, Songs for Polarbears, which Pitchfork hailed as `an impressive piece of work," their melancholy anthems of heartbreak and sep... suite

  • Woodkid

    ConcertEN: Due to the measures taken by the Luxemburgish authorities, Woodkid's show, initially scheduled at neimënster on July 5th and then postponed to 26th January 2021 and to July 14th 2021 is being postponed to July 12th, 2022. All tickets will rema... suite