Pol Belardi's Childhood Memories - Gaming Soundtrack Revisited


EN: It's no secret that the soundtracks of video games, played by Pol Belardi during his childhood have left an imprint on the musician's development. One of the first creative exercises of the gifted musician was copying and rearranging the themes of his favorite classics such as Zelda, Secret of Mana or Final Fantasy. Moving back and forth between controller and keyboard, the influences of the 8 to 64 bit repertoire are undeniable. Always amazed by the creativity of the Japanese composers in his favorite games, Pol has embarked on arranging selected themes for a group of talented musicians.

Organisation: neimënster

Pol Belardi - bass, stuff Yuri Rhodenborgh - guitar, stuff Pierre Cocq-Amann - saxophones, stuff Jérome Klein - piano, stuff Pit Dahm - drums, stuff