14th Central and Eastern European Film Festival

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07.10.21 - CinEast

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07.10.21 - Opening Film - HIVE / Zgjoi

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23.11.21 - #SalePute

Cinémas (ordre chronologique)

  • CinEast

    CinémaEN: The CinEast festival returns in October with the 14th edition packed with a wide selection of fresh films from 20 post-communist countries, as well as musical events, exhibitions, debates and special evenings. The festival will present a speci... suite

  • Opening Film - HIVE / Zgjoi

    CinémaEN: Fahrije, a widow in post-war Kosovo, has an ambition to set up her own small ajvar production business. The traditional patriarchal village community does not approve. Drawing strength from its simple storytelling and from a powerful central p... suite

  • #SalePute

    CinémaFR: 57 minutes pour appréhender l'épidémie de haine contre les femmes en ligne. Pour comprendre ses ressorts et ses effets. Pour voir comment la domination qui s'exerce dans la vie physique contre les minorités et les personnes minorisées tro... suite