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Workshop - with Katrice Horsley - UK Storytelling Laureate


Katrice Horsley has been telling stories for over

20 years and is as passionate about the

applications and uses of story as she is about the

telling of stories. She has worked as a

consultant, using story for the British Heart

Foundation, United Nations High Commission for

Refugees (UNHCR) the British Council and many

more. As well as being ivied to share her

performances Katrice has carved a reputation as an

inspi- rational and motivational conference

speaker, again promoting the uses of story in

conflict resolution, community development,

bereavement and education. She has had articles

published by the OUP, as well as featured in

programmes for the BBC.

The interactive workshop will be sharing a range

of multi-sensory language tech- niques to fully

engage all people, irrespective of age or

background. It will cover new neuroscience

findings with regards to narrative and its impact

on the human brain, as well as sharing some

exercises that promote emotional resilience.

Organisation : Neimënster

Tout public
En langue anglaise
Max. 15 pers.
Durée: 180 min

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Organisation : Neimënster


Tout public
En langue anglaise
Max. 15 pers.
Durée: 180 min