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Mediterranean Sea: Spirituality, Myth, Present Time - Luigi Camarilla


The eroded woods of Sicilian fishing boats and those of the emigrants are a worthy material for a work oscillating between emotion and civic responsibility. The Mediterranean is the heart of the artist’s expressive research, and spirituality, myth and present time are the themes inspiring it. The iconographic tradition of popular devotion, the echoes of the ancient Homeric characters, the present migrations of peoples imposing dialogue among cultures: hence come the Altars of the Love Pilgrimage, the Chairs of Odyssey, the installations inviting to imagine a Homo Mediterraneus of the present who suggests to all people the use of a single alphabet to set up a language of peace.

Spirituality: The Pilgrimage of love. For the complexity of its structure, this expressive seeking, which blends picture, carving and writing, has been defined by the writer Vincenzo Consolo as a poetic and material narrative poem. The Pilgrimage. is a journey in 32 stations. By assembling and treating those scraps of wrecks, I have created votive structures recalling the shrines of Catholic popular devotion, or the totems of animist tribes. They quote letters from the ancient Hebrew alphabet and stilemi of the Arabic culture: a multiplicity aimed at depicting the dialogue between cultures.

This artistic project suggests a vertical journey from the personal Passion to the collective Consciousness of a necessary Spirit of Love.

Myth: Characters of the Odyssey. Some characters of the Odyssey are shown here in the form of sculptures. Sculptures the artist defines chairs to evoke that resting position which has helped the oral transmission of history over the centuries. Hence, Penelope appears as a throne/loom in which the never-finished shroud is basted; the Suitors, arched and daredevil princes, in a line, compose a bench; Ulysses, come back from the sea, has the body of a helm, as thin as craftiness is slight, and stands on that bow which will avenge the offence caused to his palace. In the vulnerability of his single blinded eye, Cyclops is drawn near a hypothetical female companion acting as his guide; the Siren has no voice but seduces with her bright body of a fish and offers herself lying down.

Present time: Religious tensions, conflicts between nations and problems related to the great migrations of the people characterize the current events of the Mediterranean, which strike awareness and open a debate art cannot shirk. The installations Homo Mediterraneus, Commemorative sculpture for Emigrants, Return to the origins and The Bunkers of Peace are inspired by the hope of brotherhood and peace for overcoming the conflicts of civilization.

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