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Organized by the CCRN.

I Only Smoke in War Zones - Written and performed by Jennifer Rawlings


I Only Smoke in War Zones is a collection of true stories from the battlefield – both at home and abroad.

Award winning performer Jennifer Rawlings is not your typical mother of five. She is a comedienne who has been traveling to war zones for over a decade to entertain the troops, telling them jokes, of course.

This must see solo performance will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion from the moment the show begins.

Jennifer will lead you on an extraordinary journey of laughter and tears as she weaves together unforgettable stories about family, war and humanity.

It is an amazing piece of work. Right from the heart. So clear, direct, and a piece that can change the world!! Playwright Alana Free

Jennifer Rawlings turns a comic’s eye on the most tragic of circumstances and in doing so offers an engaging and unique personal perspective on global issues and on humanity itself. Best selling author of Some Girls and Pretty, Jillian Lauren

Organized by the CCRN.

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Organized by the CCRN.