What are the roles and models that define women and men today? How do you escape these essentialist values? How do you break away from these stereotypes internalized for decades which restrict and impede the feminine? These questions of equality and emancipation are raised by several artists whose work we regularly support and follow.

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Anne-Mareike Hess Associate artist

Since the beginning of 2020, the Luxembourgish dancer and choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess has been participating in the community life of neimënster as our first associate artist. This partnership will last for three years and ends after the first half of 2023. During her several stays throughout the year, the artist can count on the administrative, technical, and communication services of the neimënster team to devote herself entirely to her creative process.

This gives Anne-Mareike Hess a base in Luxembourg, a place where she can spend quality time researching and designing, alone or in exchange with other guest artists. Depending on her needs, she has access to well-equipped working spaces and support and guidance for her work.

During these three years, Anne-Mareike Hess will be working on several projects supported by neimënster. This includes the completion of a series of three performances that deal with the deconstruction of gender stereotypes. After the first solo “Warrior” (2018), the solo “Dreamer” was created in 2021 and the trio “Weaver” will celebrate its premiere in 2023. Furthermore, the project “Through the wire” was first performed in 2021. Anne-Mareike Hess has also worked on two research projects. These projects are partly developed locally and shown in neimënster, but they are also presented in other international locations.

Currently, Anne Mareike Hess is returning to the abbey for a brand-new three-week residency to begin the research for her new creation entitled “Weaver”.

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Larisa Faber Stark bollock naked

To prepare the ingredients of this tragicomedy on the so-called biological clock that imposes itself on women, Larisa Faber has stripped down and has been working alongside Louise Rhoades-Brown, Catherine Kontz, Mélanie Planchard, Hannah Ma, and Anne Simon.

During her residency, she redefined the purpose of the video mapping used in her show by pushing the audience to rethink the attributes of the female body and the injustices associated with it, all while being accompanied by a miniature orchestra composed of gynecological instruments.