Two literary residencies are proposed each year from March to May and from August to November. Organized with partners, they include the provision of a noise-free home, a living allowance, and meetings with the public. These residencies are open to all genres (novels, stories, theater, poetry, youth, comics, digital writing…) and particularly to literary projects that may integrate other artistic disciplines: photography, music, video, theater, digital arts, visual arts….

Each residency includes at least one mediation time defined jointly with the author and the partner structure. Translation shapes the dialogue of cultures and can be the source of intercultural synergies. neimënster wishes to develop these synergies by proposing residencies that also welcome authors and translators over several months. These residencies will put translation, especially in sign language, at the service of the arts and will focus more particularly on poetry and theater. These residencies will begin in 2020, upon the proposal of partner structures.

Period, duration of the residency and working time

neimënster welcomes residencies in the field of literature lasting from 3 weeks to 4 months.
The need for a continuous presence is determined in collaboration with the partner organization. However, a schedule of attendance must be drawn up prior to entering the residency. Any change in date or duration must be discussed between the artist, neimënster and the partner structure.
Whatever the duration of the residency, the resident is solely responsible for the administrative formalities that allow him/her to reside and work on Luxembourg territory.

Human resources, material and financial conditions

neimënster undertakes to appoint a contact person to ensure the smooth running of the residence.
These residencies include the provision of individual accommodation and a creation allowance established after studying the application file and in consultation with the partner structure.
Residents can be accompanied, upon request. Baby cots are also available. Pets are not allowed in the building and smoking is not allowed on the premises.
A round trip from home to the place of residence is provided by neimënster for all residents living more than 40 km from the abbey. Other trips from home to the place of residence, intramural trips as well as meals are at the expense of the resident or the partner structure. The travels necessary for the author’s interventions (meetings, workshops, etc.) in relation to the residence are taken care of by neimënster.


The premises provided free of charge by neimënster are subject to an inventory of fixtures at the beginning and end of the residency in the presence of the resident.
Each studio (from 30 to 45m2) has a double bed, a fully equipped kitchenette (refrigerator, hotplates, coffee machine, pots and pans and basic crockery, dishwasher and microwave – kettle on request) and a bathroom. Sheets, blankets and towels are provided.
Each resident is responsible for the maintenance of his or her studio.
Large capacity washers and dryers are available in the building. Tokens are available at the reception desk.

Legal framework

A residence contract specifying the respective commitments of neimënster and the resident is signed before the beginning of the residence.
Each resident must take out his/her own insurance policy covering his/her personal belongings, his/her work and any damage he/she may cause in the residence. Similarly, the resident must have health coverage.

Ownership of works

The author retains the moral rights and ownership of the works produced during the residency, but authorizes the free use of quotations for non-commercial purposes, in the context of educational or cultural activities and for the promotion of the residency.

Report of the residency

At the end of the residency, the author, neimënster and the partner structure will draw up a shared report on the progress of the residency. This report will be qualitative and quantitative, and will also include a detailed financial report.

Application file

The elements to be provided are :

  • A note of intent on the residency project (.doc or .pdf format) sent by the partner structure, accompanied by a budget
  • A bio-bibliography, with the candidate’s contact information (.doc or .pdf format) as well as a brief presentation of completed and ongoing projects.
  • A presentation text of the residency that will be used on neimënster’s communication supports