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Czech/Italian multi-instrumental trio Neuveritelno (“The Unbelievable”) has been performing live scores to silent films for over a decade. Their music, which is a mixture of rock, jazz, swing and blues with elements of folk and classical music, always tries to accentuate the message of the film, respect its soul and let the images ‘breathe’. Neuveritelno use a range of instruments (guitar, double bass, mandolin, drums, kalimba), but also explore the sounds of voices, percussions and all sorts of artefacts. The trio will provide live soundtrack to the 1921 fantasy horror film “The Arrival from the Darkness” (1921) by the Czech director Jan Stanislav Kolár.
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Guitar, knives, tambourine, kazoo, voice: AnchorAndrea Rottin
Drums, mandolin, kalimba, glockenspiel, percussions, kitchen utensils, voice: Tomáš Majtán
Double bass, voice: Jan Procházka