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Max Petersen Trio



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The trio around the Swiss pianist Max Petersen takes its listeners into a rich world of different musical influences where classical and modern sounds harmonize, and groove and swing fill our bodies with emotion. Unexpected turns, charged rhythms, elegant melodies, new sounds, polyphony, groove and beat turn a concert with this trio into an unexpected, acoustic experience. Three musicians with experience, courage and trust give this band brilliance and musical maturity. The pianist's compositions give the trio room for free playing and interpretation, making each moment unique. Thus they wander through different musical settings, from jazz, swing and creative African-American music to 20th century classical music and the melancholy of German Romanticism.

“I’m not playing African American music per say. I am not a classical musician. I try to understand the essence of the sources and to take my own stand. I want to do that in a respectful way. But for those expecting a clean copy of a style that was popular 70 years ago, my trio will definitely ruin their expectations. I think it takes courage to take a stand on this.”

Max Petersen

“It’s hard to believe that the Australian Max Petersen, who is based in Winterthur, is only 25. His technical brilliance is breathtaking, his quotes and allusions range from baroque to bebop, his musicality is based on folk song and jazz ballad as well as minimal and new music.”

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Piano: Max Petersen 

Double bass: Kolja Legde

Drums: Fabian Arends