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Louis Matute 4tet

Our Folklore


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Louis Matute is one of those young musicians with an appetite and an overflowing desire for energy. a student of Wolfgang Muthspiel and Lionel Loueke, he has been leading his quartet through the European jazz scenes since 2015, taking advantage of his experiences and encounters to feed his musical universe. The group is the fruit of the guitarist's compositional work supported by three talented musicians, Léon Phal, Virgile Rosselet and Nathan Vandenbulcke. Space, interaction and the warmth of the modern sound are the unavoidable attributes of the quartet's music. In June 2019 Louis Matute receives the Special Prize of Cully Jazz for "the quality of the personal project, the professionalism and the potential for development on the Swiss and international scene". The group is a laureate of the Festival Jazz Contreband competition in October 2019 and the Festival de La Bâtie in July 2020. The group's second album "How Great this World Can Be" is released in 2020 and is widely acclaimed by critics in France and Switzerland. In March 2022 Louis Matute released his third album "Our Folklore".

Une guitare à fleur de peau et des compositions lumineuses : la scène jazz de Lausanne nous envoie son nouveau prodige, hanté par l'Amérique Centrale et le Brésil, l'Europe et la Méditerranée.

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The album is bright with light and reveals pure honesty. Winner of the Cully Special Jazz Prize in 2019, Louis Matute is a rising star in Switzerland, his native country.

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Guitare électrique: Louis Matute

Saxophone: Léon Phal

Contrebasse: Virgile Rosselet

Batterie: Nathan Vandenbulcke