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Guillaume Vierset’s EDGES

The End of the World


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A real punch in the jazz ant-hill, Guillaume Vierset and his scathing quartet EDGES plunge us into the depths of progressive rock and indie music. Irresistible! After their first EP 'First Round' (2021, Igloo Record), which took them on the road in Belgium, Bucharest and Denmark, the quartet returns with a second repertoire to continue the adventure. Catchy riffs, pyscho-vintage keyboards, ae'rian and e'corche'e guitar, exhilarating acoustic piano: the album 'The End of The F***ing World' (March 2023, Igloo Records) unfolds a dirty and rude jazz, yet never devoid of the composer's own poetry, which softens the angles and lulls the audience between two more incisive moments. The guitarist takes a singular look at today's world with this album whose revealing title is a tribute to the excellent series of the same name.

"Il nous transporte aux confins du jazz, non sans évoquer des groupes de post-rock ou même certains morceaux tardifs de King Crimson".


"La guitare de Guillaume n’a peut-être jamais aussi bien chanté le désespoir comme l’espérance, avec une sonorité large, ouverte. Impressionant".

Le Soir
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Guitare: Guillaume Vierset

Piano & claviers: Dorian Dumont

Basse électrique: Matteo Mazzu

Batterie: Antoine Pierre