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Duo Fuss / Leichtfried

Rezension Mica - Alexander Kochman


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With Dominik Fuss and Jörg Leichtfried two absolutely exceptional talents of the Austrian jazz and swing scene have joined forces and released their debut as a duo under the same name. "Little tales of light and sorrow" (ART Records) impresses with a reduced, at the same time resonant sound, which moves wonderfully intuitively between old school swing, classical and contemporary or more modern elements. Intimate, simple and to a certain extent lyrical, that's probably the best way to describe the basic tenor of "Little tales of light and sorrow". At the same time, the pieces, most of which are self-composed, know how to provide surprises again and again. The duo wonderfully manages to create and maintain a fragile balance between light-footed, positive emotions and melancholic, gloomy moments. Contrary to what one might expect from two such outstanding instrumentalists and soloists, they deliberately avoid minute-long solo ecstasies, instead giving their collective playing ample space to fully unfold. With the support of the Austrian Embassy  
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Mit der Unterstützung der österreichischen Botschaft

Gefördert von der Stadt Wien Kultur


Flugelhorn: Dominik Fuss

Piano: Jörg Leichtfried