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Andi Otto is a composer and performer of electronic music. At the centre of his work is his self-developed cello bow "Fello", enhanced with motion sensors, with which he performs worldwide. He has released six solo albums, composes for dance and film, runs the Pingipung record label and is a member of the Berlin performance collective "Flinnworks". Andi Otto plays live in a trio with Manuel Chittka (dr) and Sebastian Kokus (b), who are also known as part of the Hamburg band Love-Songs. The trio interprets the electronic tracks from Andi Otto's studio in improvised sessions in which the compositions can show their Krautrock and jazz facets. Andi Otto performs solo with his "Fello" system, a combination of cello and electronic music that he developed himself. At its heart is the sensor-enhanced cello bow that he built in collaboration with STEIM in Amsterdam. The "Fello" instrument enables gestural interaction with digitally processed sounds of the amplified cello. The actual playing sometimes begins when the bow leaves the strings and dances in the air, sometimes reminiscent of the incantatory performance on a theremin. Andi Otto will interpret some of his current productions live, improvising on the basis of Indian ragas with his special instrument and expanding them with beats and sound textures from his recording studio.
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Cello: Andi Otto