Published on 11.05.2022

A summer full of events for the youngest

Once again, the arrival of summer is rich in activities for the little ones. Zoom Dada, our first upcoming event, presents a unique show that encourages the imagination of youth through a captivating cinematic ballet.

Zoom Dada

Zoom Dada takes the audience into a new universe that gives full play to movement, image, sound and imagination: two characters who have run out of ideas for drawing go in search of inspiration. At the end of their quest, their portrait will have a false air of the paintings they have crossed and the dances they have invented. A journey that will allow them to fully reveal themselves. With one certainty: their drawing will be very much like them!

The idea here was to invite two hip hop dancers to the stage to talk about the framework, the prohibitions, authority, but also movement, the body, freedom of expression and creation, childhood. To be DADA definitely.

Zoom Dada is a danced piece that plays with a mix between hip hop and contemporary dance. The dadaists, in the evening, let themselves go and improvised dances that expressed nothing but the freedom of the body in movement. Hip hop dancers are their distant cousins

Built around slow, jerky rhythms, made of stopped or cascading images, Zoom Dada is a funny and poetic dance piece that deals with the theme of disobedience, spontaneity, and childhood, through two artistic movements: Dadaism and hip-hop. This show of gesticulated theater and Hip Hop dance is inspired by the visual fantasies of the dadaists and the burlesque cinema of the 20s to compose a surprising, inventive and jubilant cinematographic ballet!


The Théâtre Bascule Company, founded in 1998 by Stéphane Fortin, is located in the rural area of Préaux du Perche (61). On this territory, the company carries out a work of sensitization through training courses, workshops of artistic practices to the 1st and 2nd degree (college/IME). Every two years, the company organizes the festival “Les Insulaires – zévèn’ments pour p’tits zé grands”, a family-oriented program that brings together various artistic forms and events: shows, exhibitions, open-air cinema, readings, workshops and artist residencies. Its creative work for young audiences was initially focused on contemporary writing, and in recent years its projects have been built around a variety of artistic forms: gestural theater, juggling, dance. The company is particularly interested in sound, scenographic and light writing that accompany the creation. The object, the puppet and the video are sometimes invited on the stage.

  • As part of the Festival de l’Enfance

14.05 > 15.05, from 10 am

This festival offers a variety of activities and shows for young audiences such as performances and concerts and is organized by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

The Children’s Festival will take place on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May 2022 in neimënster and will introduce the public to the fields of non-formal education in a playful way. Workshops will be dedicated to multilingual reading, outdoor games, exploration, and the discovery of children’s rights. Artists will come and supervise creative painting workshops, “makerspaces” and a “media factory” on the themes of nature, sports or media will be created during the weekend.

Very soon at neimënster

Nikki Ninja & Afrobeathoven present

Knëppelsteng zu Räppeldeng

19.06, 11am, Pause

A family hip-hop show with explosive beats, a thunderous flow, surprising rhymes and puns! And in Luxembourgish language!

Nikki Ninja, Nicole’s super-heroic alter ego, tells of her hectic expeditions and sings about her crazy encounters in the streets of Räppeldeng, a fictional, quiet town where she grew up with her friends. Quiet town? Not as long as Nikki Ninja takes to the streets, sows the wild oats and raps with her clique downtown!

Jazz, folk, electro and classical concerts

Big Bang Festival

02.07 > 03.07, from 11am

Interactive shows, visual concerts and musical installations: the Big Bang festival unfolds original and poetic universes that will amaze young audiences.

After a successful first edition in Luxembourg, the Big Bang Festival will once again settle in neimënster and transform the site into a gigantic playground for children from 5 years old!

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