Culture Published on 24.03.2022

An addition to the minimënster program


As part of our minimënster events, an addition to the program was necessary due to the exceptional production of Pinocchio. This production is based on the original and more twisted version of the tale and is an experience suitable for both young and old audiences.

“The most beautiful of our myths is not Faust or Don Juan, but the myth of Pinocchio. We are Pinocchio in reverse: we are made of wood and we have to break free of ourselves – to unmask ourselves and become masks again.” Valère Novarina – playwright, director and essayist

Fairy tale by Carlo Collodi

The classic tale of Pinocchio offers us a theatrical adventure following a wooden puppet in his magical journeys. Accompanied by the sophisticated and fantastic style of the Comedia Del Arte, this play is dedicated to both young and old audiences. Jérémie Le Louët, responsible for the adaptation and direction, pushes the characters to the edge of the archetype, lends his actors to the game of cross-dressing, uses music and sound amplification to recreate the magic of one of our most cherished myths.

Pinocchio, the irresponsible and egotistical protagonist, wishes to become “a boy like any other”. To bring this fantasy to life, the company Les Dramaticules has imagined his adventures as an initiation journey in the colors of a carnival in a fantasized Italy where logs come to life, where animals talk and where the dead come back to life! The action unfolds on the sea, in the forest, and even in the belly of a whale: fantasy is everywhere and the episodes follow one another with frenetic glee.

The real lessons that this legendary myth teaches us bring an overall feeling of timelessness in a dreamlike setting. Indeed, the story evokes universal themes of the search for identity, desire, morality and the freedom to decide one’s own destiny. These themes are accentuated by the mutant aspect of the hero. Confronted with all his perversities, Pinocchio must accept his monstrosity to finally become the “real boy” of his dreams.

“I imagine this show as a fairy tale for adults and children, placed under the sign of the carnival arts – a fairy tale in the spirit of the fairy tales of the end of the 19th century: numerous elements of scenery on wheels in 2D, painted canvases, racks and trunks of costumes within reach – the transitions will have to be fast. Very strong claims of theatrical artifices, choice of saturated colors for the lights, video projection, ostensible sound environment – playback, live dubbing, amplified voices – but also traveling rails, crane, mobile cameras… A theatrical factory like those imagined by Fellini at the Cinecittà studio n°5. For these adventures of Pinocchio, we need to create a place of all possibilities, to simultaneously give life to memories, fantasies, myths and dreams.” Jérémie Le Louët

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