Mission Pillar 1

Artists’ Residencies

In 2021, neimënster continues its ambitious program of residencies


The “artist residencies” component, a major aspect of the center, was further expanded in 2020 and the team continues its development. If the results of the works in progress could not be presented to the public, neimënster set up virtual meetings during the month of December to allow the artists to met their public on video-conference platforms.


neimënster’s ambition is to give a real place to experimentation, whether in terms of disciplines or aesthetics. The artists working in our premises benefit from an exceptional setting, equipped work spaces and support from the center’s teams.


neimënster’s mission is to welcome artists in the best possible conditions and to promote exchange between them, regardless of their discipline. The cultural center thus preserves the pluridisciplinarity that has always characterized it, making these creative cohabitations its trademark.


15 small apartments (former cells) are made available to the artists. These apartments are also rented at preferential prices by the country’s cultural institutions and associations.