Inside Out

Stories from the collective unconscious

EN: After traveling the world on an artistic quest Max Dauphin has settled in Luxembourg, creating figurative art work using mixed techniques and big formats in the ateliers of the Bamhaus collective. Selected among their residents for this exhibition, Max Dauphin has been greatly inspired by Carl Jung's theory?: The title, Inside Out, thus refers to the journey of introspection, examining one's own conscious thoughts and feelings. Drawing upon personal experiences and those of others, conversations and encounters as well as the tumultuous history of Neumünster Abbey, Max Dauphin's work chases an ever-present darkness, hereby revealing and challenging the inner demons of each and everyone.

Open for Siren's Call festival visitors on 29 June.

Commissaire: Max Hochmuth

Organisation: Bamhaus, neimënster / Soutien: Ville de Luxembourg