Carte blanche Pit Dahm - Pit Dahm trio

Apéro Jazz

En: Pit Dahm, mostly known for his work in the improvised music world will explore some different paths in this years' carte blanche.He will present three radically different projects in different line ups ranging from composed electronic music to the traditions of jazz.

With his Trio, Pit Dahm has toured extensively over the last couple of years an he will present some new music together with Michel Reis on the piano and Lennart Heyndels on the bass.

Open compositions aiming for interaction of the three musicians is the primary focus of this band where every concert is a new experience for both the audience and the musicians.

Organisation : neimënster / Soutien: Brasserie Wenzel

Pit Dahm - drums
Lennart Heyndels - bass
Michel Reis - piano