Jihye Lee Trio

Korean music and european jazz

Spring sessions:

Un nouveau festival tout en notes bleues pour briser la morosité ambiante et saluer la venue prochaine du Printemps. Un apéro jazz en mode majeur pour accueillir le plus grand nombre (du public) et les plus grands noms (de la scène jazz). Telle est la nouvelle formule concoctée par JAIL (Jazz in Luxembourg) et le CCRN sous la dénomination de « Spring sessions »

Korean music and european jazz:

The winner of the 3rd edition of Brussels International Young Jazz Singers Competition 2007, Jihye Lee started to learn jazz at the Seoul Jazz Academy in South Korea where she also studied a basis in classical as well as traditional singing technique.

She obtained a bachelor degree in The Hague, where she studied mainstream jazz and bebop. She started to work on her own compositions influenced by traditional jazz, Korean traditional music, free improvising music and modern art.

During her study she took workshops of Michael Brecker, Barry Harris, Mark Turner, John Ruocco, Deborah Brown and Korean traditional music workshops in The Hague (2002-2006).

In June 2008 she obtained her Master Degree at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels where she studied with David Linx, Diederik Wissels and Kris Defoort.

In February 2012 her first CD Goblin bee is released by the jazz lable Hevhetia, producing by Grzegorz Karnas and Jan Sudzina.

Since 2006 she lives in Belgium performing actively.

For this special concert the Luxembourgish jazz musician Annemie Osborne will be joining the stage with Jihye Lee Trio.

Organisé par Jail en collaboration avec le CCR Neumünster

Jihye Lee, voc
Nicola Andrioli, p
Annemie Osborne, cello