Partners of CCRN



The financing of culture, in a democratic environment, cannot rest on a single source of grants. While benefitting from the grant of its supervisory authority, the Cultural Exchange Center also receives a part of its financing from the activities of its sales department, from pubic contributions to its activities and from sponsorships.

Several formulas are available to companies:

  • Institutional Partner : the partner company is associated with all of the CCRN’s programming. In return, it receives, besides the traditional counterparts (presence on promotional supports, free seats, price reduction for employees…), reductions on room rentals which are made available free of charge, after hour visits, reservation priority… The official partners may choose to be visible in particular for certain key events.
  • Project Partner : the partner company is associated with an occasional project or with a festival of the Abbey (OMNI, Humour pour la paix (Humor for Peace), Autumn Leaves, Piano Plus, Apéros Jazz, Eté Théâtral (Theatrical Summer)…). The company receives negotiated benefits.
  • Sponsorship of specific activities. The partner company gives its support to a specific action (for youth, for poor populations, for the economy, for media…). It accompanies this action and receives negotiated benefits.