Sophie Hunger

Molecules Tour

En: Since her last album, 2015's Supermoon, Sophie has made major changes. She moved to Berlin, got passionate about analogue synths and electronic music - Berlin's heartbeat. She exchanged her classical instruments for drum machines and computer software and decided to write a full English album.

Recorded almost entirely solo, it's a twilight journey through the mind of an artist who's long been loved by musicians and Continental connoisseurs, and is about to plant her flag in the Anglophone world.

The album Molecules is scheduled to be released on August 31st 2018.

Support act: Dewey

Every time I listen it reveals something new. Like peeling back layer after layer. Says co-manager Pierre Hall of the Speedy Wunderground label. Points of reference cascade over another and become something different - like ripples on a pool of water. It's very elemental. For me, Dewey perfectly encapsulates that moment between being asleep and dreaming. Kind of half-remembered, but almost too far away to grasp, just out of reach.

London-based Dewey, originally from Brighton, is a multifaceted music artist ready to reveal material from her project that's been under development with producer Dan Carey. Expect a harmonious affair in both vocal performance and instrumental experimentation from this striking new talent.

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