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Vaague – KLEIN – Herr Bender - End of the year celebration


Keeping up with their very distinct sound, combining electronic elements and acoustic instruments, KLEIN present a journey through new and seemingly ever-evolving soundscapes that revolve around the complex and interconnected nature of life. Situated at the crossroads of musical styles, Herr Bender brings together two of the most emblematic figures of the Luxembourgish music scene, resulting in contemporary music, which plays as well with the codes of alternative Pop music than with those of improvised jazz.

Surrounded by a unique android of drums and electronics, the brand new solo project Vaague of Brussels based drummer and producer Antoine Pierre, creates a collection of samples to fuse organically with his own drum grooves.

  • Plein tarif 22€
  • Tarif Réduit 9€
  • Kulturpass 1.5€