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  • 3.05.2022 - 30.05.2022
  • Performance - Theatre

Residency Nafas – Danielle Karam

As part of a residency supported by the Nafas program which assists Lebanese artists, visual artist and writer Danielle Karam will work in neimënster on the weight and power of words.

“Redefining Words”

A word can lift you up or bring you down.

It can move you, transform you, destroy you.

It can imprison you or set you free.

It can condition you, your beliefs, your values.

It can change your life or even history itself.

It can resonate for years or just disappear in the moment.

It can bring us together or drive us apart.

It can entail revolutions, wars or bring peace.

It can mean something or tell an entire story, or nothing at all

“For my residency project, I intend to research and document the impact of words on the personal identity of human beings and how they affect their choices and perception of themselves, for the purpose of developing an innovative artwork or intervention that would allow people to comprehend words and their implied meanings as illusions and to assign new meanings and dimensions to words.”