• 15.11.2023 - 27.12.2023
  • Exhibition - Painting

Louise Charlier

Outer space is an important place of experimentation for Louise Charlier, a Belgian artist currently residing in Luxembourg. Fascinated by its stories and images, she creates new spatial imaginaries through artistic and theoretical research.

The project that will be carried out during her residency is the creation of an interactive, modular, and itinerant art installation called the Library of Spatial Imaginations. This space for knowledge and encounters is part of a wider research project, the completion of a PhD in arts and art sciences entitled “Constellation des imaginaires spatiaux: repenser nos liens à l’Espace et à la Terre par l’étude des récits alternatifs du cosmos” (Constellation of spatial imaginaries: rethinking our links to Space and Earth through the study of alternative narratives of the cosmos).

The first few weeks will be devoted to meeting the two artists. In the course of recorded discussions, Louise Charlier will explore the Luxembourgish artists’ relationship with space, their narratives, and the issues at stake in their work. This meeting will provide the raw material for creating the installation, including the sound material from the recording of the discussions and visual material from the discovery of the artists’ workplaces and tools.

In the second stage, she will make the artists’ imagination visible and give it a physical form through the construction of a library. The library will be made from a piece of furniture, itself made up of objects representative of the imaginary worlds studied, which the audience will be invited to handle. The aim of the library will be to open the door on the artists’ spatial imagination and to help the audience discover other ways of seeing and thinking about the links between Earth and Space.