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Kid be Kid

Everyone agrees on one thing: “I’ve never seen anything like it!” Since the release of her debut “Sold Out”, KID BE KID beamed straight to the big festivals and gave intoxicating concerts to the audience. Be it at the Elbjazz in Hamburg, the legendary Fusion Festival or the important Monument National in the context of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal – one of the most prominent stages in the world – KID BE KID fascinates the audience with unconditional dedication and unbelievable skills. When KID BE KID sings, plays piano and synths AND human-beatboxes at the same time, it immediately takes your breath away. How does she do it? Where does she get this  power from? With such an almost dreamlike confidence? There are jazzy pianos, crisp R&B grooves, club-ready sci-fi synth pads and electronic patterns and on top: her soulful, expressive voice. She is now on a major European tour with her new album “Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream”, where everyone can enter her superhero universe. So much talent in one person would hardly be bearable if KID BE KID wasn’t above all such a loveable funky freak!

„Es ist verblüffend, wie Kid Be Kid ein komplettes Schlagzeug ersetzt – allein über Stimme und Mund. Unbegrenzt scheinen ihre gestalterischen Mittel und Kreativität. Sie beeindruckt nicht nur mit Virtuosität, sondern auch mit bedingungsloser Hingabe zur Musik“ 

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„Kid be Kid is a Berlin based pianist/vocalist/beatboxer and a rising star in Germany. Her performance is based around her excellent piano playing and soulful singing. She throws in elements of just about every genre which could be very chaotic but actually she pulls it off brilliantly. She is a very likeable performer engaging the audience from the outset."

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