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Ligue d'Improvisation Luxembourgeoise asbl

Grand Catch Impro - Ouverture saison et 20ème anniversaire


The Luxembourg Improvisation League is back for the new season. All creative moves are allowed: the confrontation will be without pity! After the success of the previous editions, the new season of the Luxembourgish Improvisation League will start again in neimënster. To launch this new season, 4 comedians will show imagination, generosity and a lot of humor to confront each other in merciless battles, for the best and for the laughter. Since 1998, the Ligue d’Improvisation Luxembourgeoise has been developing and offering improv shows in the Grand Duchy. For this grand opening night, the public will find on stage the delights of improvisation. The 4 best comedians from Luxembourg, France and Belgium will compete with each other to win the game. The whole thing will be decided by an intractable referee and a perfect bad faith.

  • Plein tarif 18€
  • Tarif Réduit 10€
  • Kulturpass 1.5€

Ligue d'Improvisation Luxembourgeoise asbl

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Ligue d'Improvisation Luxembourgeoise asbl