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Institut Européen de Chant Choral (INECC)

Rythmes enchantés - Musiques des Balkans

As part of the final concert presented by the workshop “Enchanted Rhythms: Music of the Balkans”, Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska and Stefka Miteva propose a journey through the unique polyphonies of the Balkans.

The audience will meet the participants of the workshop as well as the female vocal quartet ORENDA VOICES QUARTET from Paris. These accomplished musicians will share with you their passion for a cappella voices and the unique compound rhythms of this repertoire that is still very much alive in Bulgaria today. Orenda shares with great enthusiasm and warmth, her passion for Bulgarian songs but also orthodox songs and other Balkan influences.

  • Free admission

Institut Européen de Chant Choral (INECC)

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Institut Européen de Chant Choral (INECC)