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Nikki Ninja & Afrobeathoven

Nikki Ninja & Afrobeathoven is a musical performance dedicated to younger festival attendees (for anyone 7 years and older), bringing together the world of Luxembourgish Hip-Hop and Jazz through the fusion of the NICOOL collab (Nicole Bausch, Nadja Prange and Dennis Scholtes) with Pol Belardi & Afrobeathoven. Nikki grew up with all her friends in … Continued


Babelut Parcours is a musical journey for children aged 0 to 5 and their parents and grandparents. International artists and musicians take the audience with them on a sensitive experience packed with musical theatre, sound installations and musical interaction. In Babelut Parcours ZIMZUM, small children imagine themselves to be big and big people imagine themselves … Continued

Big Bang Festival

After the first successful edition in Luxembourg in July 2021, Big Bang festival is coming back to neimënster to transform the Abbey during a whole weekend into a musical labyrinth. Children 5 years and up can discover interactive shows, concerts and musical installations – not just as audience members but as active participants. Big Bang … Continued