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Nikki Ninja & Afrobeathoven

Nikki Ninja & Afrobeathoven is a musical performance dedicated to younger festival attendees (for anyone 7 years and older), bringing together the world of Luxembourgish Hip-Hop and Jazz through the fusion of the NICOOL collab (Nicole Bausch, Nadja Prange and Dennis Scholtes) with Pol Belardi & Afrobeathoven. Nikki grew up with all her friends in … Continued

Brigitte Beraha’s Lucid Dreamers

Nominee for The Ivors Composer Awards 2021, Best Vocalist 2021 Parliamentary Jazz Awards & 2017 British Jazz Awards, Brigitte Beraha’s early incarnation of ‘Lucid Dreamers’ premiered at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall as a trio with George Crowley (Melt Yourself Down, Yazz Ahmed) and Tim Giles (Nostalgia 77, Iain Ballamy) in November 2019 as part of … Continued

Hervé Jeanne Quartet

The Luxembourgish double bass player Hervé Jeanne (known among others for his longtime collaboration with Roger Cicero) presents his latest album “Stories Of Friendship”. The compositions for this project were partly written during a stay in the South of France organized by the bandleader. An affinity for the jazz tradition is characteristic of many French … Continued

Naomi Jazz Trio

This original trio was born from the meeting of 3 musicians who together, with their own universe, propose a style at the crossroads of Jazz, Soul and Pop. The trio’s repertoire is made up of covers of jazz and bossa standards and pop pieces. Naomi Tchatchouang on vocals, graduate of the conservatory of Luxembourg, influenced … Continued

Naomi Berrill

Naomi Berrill is an Irish cello player and singer, currently based in Italy. Her unique solo project for voice and cello has brought her to perform widely in Italy and Ireland. Musicians like Mario Brunello, Giovanni Sollima, Paolo Fresu have supported her in various occasions, her latess album ‘Suite Dreams have been produced by Casa … Continued

Olivia Trummer Trio

Young German pianist-singer-composer Olivia Trummer, recipient of the important Jazz Award Baden-Württemberg 2019, is considered one of the most promising musicians of her generation in the international jazz scene. Her vivid stage presence, soulful singing, easygoing piano playing and genuinely natural improvising enrapture her audiences worldwide. Her new album For You (released in March 2022 … Continued

Ntoumos Quintet

It is with a certain audacity that Dominic Ntoumos mixes traditional Greek and gypsy music with electro-jazz sounds. He brings popular songs back to life by updating them and composing new works.

European Quintet

The European Quintet is a brandnew formation of young european Jazz musicians that got to  know each other in Juli 2021 at the IASJ in Munich. The upcoming talents from Cologne, Paris, Antwerp and Luxembourg present original compositions as well as some of their favorite jazz standards. Pierre Carbonneaux learns saxophone with Georges Porte at … Continued

Sammy Vomácka Trio

Sammy Vomácka, at the end of his 40s, on his own initiative, literally shed his skin once again to make the music that fascinates him, putting at risk a good reputation as an artist (and a cozy niche in the scene) acquired over decades. The name Vomácka is associated with unforgettable evenings in poorly ventilated … Continued


What is written and what is not? This brand new project is the result of the meeting of two Luxemburgish musicians with musical backgrounds that are often declared to be opposed: Béa Picard, a classical percussionist studying in Amsterdam, and Arthur Possing, a jazz pianist and vibraphonist. The duo found each other last year (2021) … Continued

Andi Otto Trio

Andi Otto is a composer and performer of electronic music. At the centre of his work is his self-developed cello bow “Fello”, enhanced with motion sensors, with which he performs worldwide. He has released six solo albums, composes for dance and film, runs the Pingipung record label and is a member of the Berlin performance … Continued

Duo Fuss / Leichtfried

With Dominik Fuss and Jörg Leichtfried two absolutely exceptional talents of the Austrian jazz and swing scene have joined forces and released their debut as a duo under the same name. “Little tales of light and sorrow” (ART Records) impresses with a reduced, at the same time resonant sound, which moves wonderfully intuitively between old … Continued


This group bears the enigmatic name of the hero of Virginia Woolf’s eponymous and mysterious novel. Like Orlando who swears to remain immortal and who will cross many eras, these four musicians experiment together with the many aspects of their reality and their evolution through time. A variety of styles and tones, subtle rhythms, a … Continued

Ars Nova Lux

Ars Nova Lux is an ensemble on a variable geometry basis. The unusual combination of musical instruments and chant ( as Guest ), that the ensemble offers ,moves and enthuses audiences in an absolutely unique way. Performing in variable instrumental combinations of 2 to 6 players, the ensemble offers a great variety of musical genres. Coming … Continued