The Marcel Jullian Agora

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The Marcel Jullian Agora

The vast inner courtyard, called the « Marcel Jullian Agora », is covered with a glass canopy whose airy and contemporary architecture are in perfect harmony with the stone walls, vestiges of another era. The Agora offers a lovely covered space of almost 400 square meters to receive about 400 persons and which is perfectly suited for recpetions or other kinds of events. In addition to this areas’ exceptional charm, your guests will be able to enjoy the current works of art exposed there.

Prices: 625 € pre-VAT / hour I 3.035 € pre-VAT / day


  • Consideration must be given to the particular acoustic qualities of the Agora when choosing your style of music.
  • A 3-meter-wide security passage must be left open to give access to the Esplanade in case of an emergency.
  • All structures to be installed in the Agora are subject to prior written agreement from the CCRN’s managment.
  • One of the vaulted rooms may, pending availability, be rented as a kitchen.
  • Minimum rental-time is three hours.
  • For parties with dancing, the rental of a dance-floor is mandatory.