Mission + goals

Creation and reception center...

... a perfect place for seminars, conferences, symposiums and big events.

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Mission + goals

A cultural vocation…

To give a spiritual vocation (back) to the site, such was the goal of the founders of the Abbey of Neumünster Cultural Exchange Center when creating the program under the theme “dialogue of cultures, culture of dialogue”.  The CCRN hosts concerts, ballets, live performances, seminars and expositions.  It is a place of creation and reception.  It is open to the general public, to a young public, to associations and to creators.  And exchanges, meetings, collaborations, coproductions are the keystone to a unifying program.

… along with a commercial vocation

By associating the majestic setting of the Abbey with a sophisticated infrastructure, technical equipment and the latest multimedia, the Abbey of Neumünster Cultural Exchange Center is also a location of choice for symposia, seminars, conferences, meetings and large business gatherings.  The Events / Catering / Meetings department ensures that pleasure and comfort are combined with efficiency.  This department offers solutions which are conform to the “green charter” it developed and which inspired its “green package” range.  Its watchword: “nice meeting you” has become proverbial today!