Riaz Khabirpour - Pocket Radio


EN: The name of guitarist and band leader Riaz Khabirpour's project Pocket Radio is a reference to his childhood, in which this radio played a big role. The melodic axis and sound spectrum of the quartet comes from both the eloquent and dense phrasing on the tenor saxophone as well as the rich dimensions and effects by the guitar, while creating their own recognizable language in their improvisations. Sophisticated themes, often presented in unison, underline their tonal affinity and combination of intellect with emotion. A fixed and harmonic, yet shimmering and groovy rhythmic setting serves as canvas for Halpin's and Khabirpour's art of improvisation, complemented by a woody, warm tone on the bass.

Organisation: neimënster / soutien: Brasserie Wenzel

Matthew Halpin - Tenor Saxophon Riaz Khabirpour - Gitarre Matthias Akeo Nowak - Bass Leif Berger - Drums