How to live together in a one planet world? with Rob Hopkins

Transition Days

EN: The Transition Days are an invitation to explore another future, and the crisis we are currently experiencing reminds us how necessary imagining and building that other future is. The 2020/21 edition offers a closer look on how we can move towards a resilient, just and responsible society : ´How to live together in a one planetworld?´. The metaphor of the house takes you on a journey over 9 months into 9 rooms of the house and explore 9 topics and how to approach them by new ways of being and thinking. The programme includes 9 conferences, 9 public events, 9 artistic video performances as well as different workshops. The inaugural conference is taking place with Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition Network and key contributor to the film ´Demain´, as our very special guest.

Conference ´How to live together in a one planet world ?´
7.30 pm
Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition network, will share with us a visionfor another future, based on resilience and solidarity. This talk will beresolutely positive and oriented towards change, based upon hundreds oftransition initiatives all around the world, when transition is lived everyday.

Registration mandatory at within thelimits of the available places, variable according to the sanitary conditionsin place at the time of the event

Participation fee : donation- pay what you want

Organisation: CELL - Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, in collaboration with neimënster

Rob Hopkins