Blues'n Jazz Rallye 2017

En: Klangcraft, a quartet which evolved from the duo 2men Group, promise an outstanding performance thanks to lead singer Judith's smooth and dynamic voice .

All four members are former students of music with a shared passion for music and life, who have toured and recorded with various artists in Europe. Their hypnotic grooves and brilliant improvisations guarantee an enthusiastic audience, especially when presenting their new album In a dream.

Fr: Klangcraft est un quartet allemand très apprécié pour son groove hypnotique et ses improvisations brillantes grâce, notamment, à la voix à la fois douce et énergétique de la chanteuse et leader du groupe Judith Erb. Au programme: jazz, funk, world music et dancefloor.

Organisation: Luxembourg City Tourist Office, neimënster

Judith Erb - voix / Hermann Kock - batterie
Manuel Seng - piano / Moritz Grenzmann - basse