Picnic at Hanging Rock

Based on the novel by Joan Lindsay, newly adapted for the stage by Tom Wright

En: In one of the great unsolved mysteries of the 20th century, a group of female students go on a trip to Hanging Rock on Valentine's Day - a landmark in the vastness of Australia. When four of them go to explore the rock three of them disappear without a trace! The event leads to rumours and recriminations. Long-suppressed truths, desires and obsessions surface which shake the late-Victorian order of the school and tear lives apart. Written in 1967, and based on a true story, Joan Lindsay's classic novel - adapted in 2016 for 5 actresses - looks at the destruction caused when mankind tries to regulate wild emotions.


Organisation: B.G.T. English Theatre Company / Collaboration: neimënster

Tony Kingston - metteur en scène / Karl Pierce - designer
avec: Laura Lizak, June Lowery, Gina Millington, Céline Planata,
Martina Sardelli / Produit et arrangé par Nick Hern Books