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Natashia Kelly Group - Inside the Wave

Apéro Jazz

EN: Natashia Kelly embraces an Irish singing tradition: the sean-nòs. The sean-nos singer has a bare voice, not 'sweet', with a certain 'natural fierceness'. Melody and rhythm vary from one verse and from one performance to the next.

Forming an adventurous trio, they convey open and free music in a minimalistic multi-form orchestration, subtle coloured and open to world music, jazz and contemporary music. Their rhythm, without drums, is carried by an ostinato - by staying very attentive to each other. A concert undulates from silences to rhythms of trance, from a capella to abstract improvisations, ensuring never to lose the thread of poetry.

Organisation: neimënster / Soutien: Brasserie Wenzel

Jan Ghesquière - eg Brice Soniano - db Natashia Kelly - vocals, comp