Nos coups de coeur


Birth and Death of a Star

Birth and Death of a Star is a musical project inspired by astrophysics. It is one work, from start to finish, connected through sound, color and a tale that concerns us all: The life cycle of a sun-like star. We tell the story through music, as a picture-less movie, and combine compositions with real star audio recordings provided by NASA. This project will be recorded in April, and you will get the first chance to see us play before the album release!

La série d'Apéro's Jazz est une coproduction Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (CCRN)/JAIL (Jazz in Luxembourg)/Brasserie Le Neumünster

Pol Belardi - vib
Laura Polence - voc
Jeroen Batterink - dr
Lennart Altgenung - p
Nelson Ogliastri - b