KLEIN & Herr Bender


EN: neimënster is pleased to welcome KLEIN and Herr Bender for a double show in the framework of the FORWARD jazz series.

KLEIN - SONDR (noin) is in essence, the realization that each random stranger lives as life as vivid and complex as your own, with hopes, struggles and routines. In continuation of their very distinct sound, combining electronic elements and acoustic instruments, KLEIN present a journey through new and seemingly ever-evolving soundscapes that revolve around a personal acknowledgement and celebration of the complex and interconnected nature of life.

Herr Bender - Situated at the crossroads of alternative pop and improvised Jazz music, Herr Bender brings together the characteristics of two of the most emblematic figures of the Luxembourgish music scene, saxophonist Maxime Bender and drummer Jeff Herr. The result is contemporary music, which as well with the codes of Pop music than with those of Jazz.

Organisation: neimënster