Ars Nova Lux


Ars Nova Lux is an ensemble on a variable geometry basis. The unusual combination of musical instruments and chant ( as Guest ), that the ensemble offers ,moves and enthuses audiences in an absolutely unique way. Performing in variable instrumental combinations of 2 to 6 players, the ensemble offers a great variety of musical genres. Coming from different corners of the world, the musicians come together in Luxembourg, a place they call their home.The trademark of Ars Nova Lux is vivacious performing as soloists in an ensemble and the performance of works by luxembourgish composers such as Albena Petrovic Vratchanska, Alexander Mullenbach, Claude Lenners, Ivan Boumans, Victor Kraus and Olivier Dartevelle.

Organisation: neimënster

Maria Miteva - flute, Olivier Dartavelle - clarinet, Kae Shiraki, piano Josip Dragnic - guitar, Luc Hemmer - vibraphone et percussions