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"Are we there yet?" - The videoperformance PHENix

Transition Days

EN: The Transition Days are an invitation to explore another future, and the crisis we are currently experiencing reminds us how necessary imagining and building that other future is. The 2020/21 edition offers a closer look on how we can move towards a resilient, just and responsible society : ´How to live together in a one planetworld?´. The metaphor of the house takes you on a journey over 9 months into 9 rooms of the house and explore 9 topics and how to approach them by new ways of being and thinking. The programme includes 9 conferences, 9 public events, 9 artistic video performances as well as different workshops. The inaugural conference is taking place with Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition Network and key contributor to the film ´Demain´, as our very special guest.

Organisation: CELL - Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, in collaboration with neimënster