Music of the stars

Edoardo Striani

EN: Music of the Stars is a journey of discovery through the Cosmos presented by award-winning astrophysicist and international handpan artist Dr Edoardo Striani. Combining these two passions, the show aims to educate, entertain and inspire awe in our incredible Universe. Topics covered will include the dimensions of the observable universe, exoplanets and the birth and death of stars, accompanied by ethereal live handpan music and high resolution video footage. There will also be plenty of time for questions from the audience at the end.

Edoardo and his team were awarded the Bruno Rossi Prize for astrophysics by the American Astronomical Society for his work on the Crab Nebula. He has also authored over 50 scientific publications. As a musician he has performed in some of the most important handpan festivals in Italy and abroad and has already produced Music of the Stars in Milan, Moscow and in Switzerland.

Organisation: Edoardo Striani