CinEast 2019

EN: Nina, a teacher in her mid-30's struggling to have a child, looks for a surrogate mother with her husband. They find the perfect candidate in Magda, a younger woman full of life with no commitments. When they get closer together, things take a surprising turn. A story about unexpected love, the ability to fill the void and taking difficult choices in life.

Followed by a debate on the rights of the LGBT community and the discrimination they are facing in Eastern and Western Europe, with a focus on recent developments. With the director of the film Olga Chajdas and other guests.

Organisation: CinEast asbl / Collaboration: neimënster

(Poland 2018) Drama, 130 min, en & de subtitles Directed by Olga Chajdas Written by Marta Konarzewska & Olga Chajdas With Julia Kijowska , Eliza Rycembel, Andrzej Konopka, Maria Peszek