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Matchmaking Mayor (Nesvadbovo)

Set against a backdrop of the slow but certain extinction of the eastern Slovak community of Zemplínske Hámre, Matchmaking Mayor investigates the lives of three individuals - Monika, Janco, and Dodo. Each is 35 years old, has no partner, and lives at their parents' home in Zemplínske Hámre. Having adjusted to a singles' lifestyles, they are actually quite content considering that their chance of meeting someone is slim. Far younger singles frequent local discos while our heroes lead stereotypical lives. And because internet connections are few and far between in Zemplínske Hámre, they lack even virtual relationships. In this strongly Catholic region, however, being alone and middle-aged is often seen as an embarrassment. The situation in the village, where most young people would never even think of marrying and settling down, disconcerts the local mayor. As a retired general, he decides to take the fight against thirty-something solitude into his own hands - he offers substantial financial incentives for every newborn child, and he employs the local PA system to encourage both childbearing and get-acquainted activities for unattached locals. When nothing seems to help, he steps up his fight against windmills by organizing an evening get-together for the singles. How does it all turn out? Will our heroes ever find their life partners?

Awards: Berlinale 2011 (Der Tagesspiel Award), Finále Plzen 2011 (Best Documentary Film by Female Filmmaker under 35)

Matchmaking Mayor ('Nesvadbovo', Slovakia / Czech Republic, 2010) / Directed by Erika Hniková / Casting: Jozef Gajdos, Dana Paseková, Monika Maxová, Janco Ogurcák / Documentary, drama, 72 min, English subtitles.

Lentement mais sûrement, le village slovaque de Zemplínske Hámre s'éteint. Mais son maire, un général à la retraite, est prêt à tout pour s'y opposer. Dans la lutte contre la solitude des trentenaires-célibataires du village, il a déjà employé diverses armes et maintenant il a un nouveau plan : organiser une soirée de rencontre pour célibataires de tous les villages voisins. Nos héros finiront-ils par trouver des partenaires? Ce film documentaire de la jeune réalisatrice Erika Hníková dépeint l'ingénierie sociale du 21e siècle.

Organisé par en collaboration avec le Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (CCRN).